Just when I was at my lowest, I look over my balcony and see some flowers growing in this not so flowery spot.

So I go over to check it out.

And take a pic because I need a pic me up.

And wouldn’t you know it…

An old friend calls me too…

Yeah…you know you are old.

Thanks for the call old timer.

I really needed it.

And I’ll be there for you when you need me too.


Stalkers, Soul Mates, Benghazi, iPhone auto correct decreased interest.

I guess since I called out the Internet stalker (which continues to auto correct to stapler, gotta watch that), the wood salesman that was actually a piece of garbage that was just using my hopes and dreams against me to get down my pants, well, I’ve scared off a few people.

My stats are down.

Which is fine by me.

Because honestly, I really don’t want Internet stalker constantly seeing what I am talking about and I really don’t want that pathetic wood salesman who just took advantage of a girl in a very difficult situation to fulfill some pretty ridiculous fantasies to be constantly hitting my .com to see if I’m hurt or okay or dating someone else or where I am eating or what I am wearing or what pool tournament I am shooting in.

Because it really isn’t any of their business.

Funny thing today. Someone from CNN (one of their news reporters, and I use that very loosely after what you posted honey) tweeted that the people that were watching the Benghazi hearings were Middle-aged people who loved Chic-fil-A.


How about this you ignorant person that reads a TelePrompTer. You were probably siting at home tweeting on the news when there was so much REAL NEWS going on they were calling in real news reporters from a temporary service. You disgust me. Why not be objective in your news reporting. Even ABC is starting to come around and they didn’t even mention the Rand Paul filibuster on their nightly news program when it had been going on for hours you narrow minded idiot. Yeah. I’m calling you an idiot.

I would take that tweet down you dumb-ass. That is why you guys chose to stalk a girl that lived in captivity for ten years over reporting the real news that was going on that day. No need for water boarding in this administration. Just need dumb as reporters with an agenda like yours.

You made yourself look stupid and I am sorry we are the same sex. Pull your NOW card.

Does the 40219 have ANY four-leaf clovers?

Usually they just pop up at me.


I would be walking along, look down and a four-leaf clover would just pop out at me.

Since I’ve moved to Louisville it has happened once.

And I gave that one away because usually, I don’t have a problem. And I was in love with that guy.

They find ME.

Not lately.

Today, I was standing out looking over my balcony looking for something pretty. Because seriously there isn’t much pretty around me.

And believe me I could write about the stuff I see.


So I look over my balcony and I see this honeysuckle bush and decide I’m going to go sit under it and hopefully there is a little patch of clover.

And maybe, just maybe I’ll see just one little four-leafer say “Hi”.

Not today.



My take on what happened during the Bengahzi hearings, Amanda Berry Kidnapping and Jodi Arias? How much more?

Earlier today, I was on a conference call with an attorney, someone that is legal counsel with my company, discussing Terms and Conditions for a website I run for my company, and I was talking about how cool it is working from home. How I can actually watch the Benghazi Hearings on FOXNEWS.

She didn’t seem impressed.

And I’m thinking, “how can an attorney, a JD, not be interested?” People willing to risk their distinguished military careers to talk about what really happened that day…history. And I can actually watch it because I have that luxury. Thanks guys! I’m going to watch. Because that is one of the benefits of working-from-home-a-lona.

So I run down to talk to my neighbor, and CNN is running constant feed on the Amanda Berry Kidnapping case…very important and tragic…I AM NOT taking away from how horrible that event is….however….they were sensationalizing something that was so horrible and terrible. And reporters were just standing around looking pretty. And you did look fabulous guys talking about really nothing we all didn’t already know, And FoxNews was talking about our National Security AND the Amanda Berry Story.

I really worry more about National Security. And getting the IMPORTANT updates. On BREAKING NEWS.

I am going to say again that FOXNEWS was reporting on all of this. Not sitting like Jerry Springer outside someone’s door. Nice job though. Standing around. Waiting for a girl that had been abducted for 10 years to show her face because honestly that is just wrong to do.

And to make things even sweeter….the Jodi Arias verdict was announced…

but Hey,..I watch FOXNEWS for a reason. Because they report on all the real stuff going on.

Geez…Lucky…they call me that for a reason…

I will update on the Jodi Arais Verdict.

My guess…Involuntary manslaughter….I am a softie…

I was wrong. Murder. She deserved it.

And the night got even better. Let’s just say material to write about always presents itself.



My favorite picture of Will. I miss Will. I hope you know how much I miss you baby.


Amanda and Ashley

My favorite picture of my daughters. 🙂

Had to post this. Taken last year. Of course I played with it.


Lyin’ Eyes

Yeah, I’ve been lied to here a LOT lately…

Do I lie? Well of course I do. And if you are shaking your head and saying you don’t you are a big fat liar yourself.


Easter bunny….he never hopped into my house. Did it myself.

That tooth fairy was always a mystery as well.

And I will always tell someone they look cute for a quick pick-me-up.

But seriously…why would you lie to someone only to break their heart?

I love that song by the Eagles…Lyin’ Eyes…you know the one…and Woodsalesman…you know who you are…you aren’t my favorite anymore…every time I hear that song I am going to think of you. Because I can’t imagine all the people you have done this to. I am sure now I wasn’t the first. Because you didn’t just lie about Santa Clause or who left that dollar under someone’s pillow.

You crushed a person’s hopes and dreams. You have to live with that. I’m sure hope you have trouble sleeping at night. Because guys like you should. You are the majority. Nothing special. Just sorry I thought you were. I just wish there wasn’t a part of me that thought there was still a little good in people.

But I’ve always been a little naive.

Mom always said users eat better. Givers sleep better.

I’ve been sleeping just fine.

And that is why I am the way I am. Because of people like you.

Thanks for reminding me of that.


My Bass

Well I did it. I messed up my bass.

And I hate it. Because I really can’t go out and buy a new bass right now.

I’ve really enjoyed jamming with my headphones on these last few days. It’s been rainy and I was a little sad. So want better way to pass the time then to play my bass.

But I left it propped against the bed, and the headphones plugged in laying in the floor and you guessed it….pulled the plug out and ripped some stuff.

Now I’m usually a techie. A geek.

But I’ve never actually hatched an electronic from scratch so all that stuff that popped out of that one cord was just foreign. “Probably made in China”, I thought to myself. That’s why I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

So when I thought I had it fixed I jammed some stuff back into the hole (that’s what she said, never gets old) and by doing so, I jammed something too far down in the hole.

My tweezers couldn’t reach it.

I felt like I was playing that silly Operation game from when I was a kid and the nose on the neck of my base was going to light up red and scare the crap out of me if I did something wrong.

And I was just getting that riff from Creep by Radiohead down.

Oh well.



Just wanted to share a quick post.  I posted my son Derek’s music on my other site, tonight…



I was so much happier two weeks ago.

Wish I could turn back time.